About Us

Crudwell Village Hall & Recreation Ground is a charity run by an independent group of volunteers (trustees) for the benefit of the community in the Crudwell parish (scheme document). Some trustees are elected annually at the AGM, some are co-opted during the year, and others are representative of regular users of the hall. All trustees are equally financially and legally responsible for the management of the hall. Trustees meet monthly to review income and expenditure, bookings, recent hirings, and forthcoming maintenance needs. Periodically, we also plan for larger capital items such as the recent kitchen refurbishment.

Current trustees are:

  • Helen Bleakley
  • Nigel Kelly
  • Terri Murphy
  • Annie Smith (Treasurer 2019-20)
  • Carmel Straughan
  • Russell Wilson
  • Vicky Smith
  • Richard Fox
  • Damien Gilmartin

If you are interested in learning more about how we operate, helping on a voluntary basis or becoming a trustee, please contact us.