Covid-19 Measures

The voluntary Trustees and management of the Village Hall are continuing to follow the government guidelines in respect of the pandemic restrictions and we are further guided by Community First (Wiltshire) that is a member of Action in Communities in Rural England (ACRE). Communications from ACRE et al concerning re-opening and future hires are reviewed regularly and in the light of the slow transition out of lockdown and the restrictions effecting indoor class activities, it was decided that the Hall had to remain closed until September 2020.

With new updates to guidance coming through almost weekly, the Hall has re-opened but we still follow the current restrictions on numbers and social distancing.  These guidance updates can be confusing so let’s try and help clarify the current conditions for hiring the Hall:

Community halls are able to remain open and to host formal or informal clubs, hobby groups and amateur choirs and orchestras.”

This means we can allow the Hall to be used for indoor sports, health classes including Badminton, Short Mat Bowls, Tai Chi, Pilates and other similar use.  Preschool is back and conforms to the hygiene protocols set by the Hall and their own Early Years Alliance and Ofsted guidance.

Any individual instructor or group organiser must have their own hygiene assessment and plan in place that avoids viral cross infection or transmission between classes and sharing equipment should be avoided unless it is simple to disinfect after each use.  They must also utilise their own Track and Trace method (see later).

Organisers of such activities must take particular care to ensure that individuals attend them in groups no larger than 6 (six), and that these small groups remain socially distanced from each other and do not mingle while on the premises.”

 Social distancing still applies and classes and usage will have to use the 2 metre space rule.  All indoor classes and groups are to ensure floor markers are put in place that set out the requisite spacing.  Separate entry and exit doors should be used and, along with all windows, should be kept open during the hire period to maximise ventilation.

As a charity, we can host more than 30 people in an outdoor space but any event as such would be subject to a strict risk assessment and to ensure he organisers take reasonable steps to mitigate the risk of viral transmission in line with Covid-19 Secure guidance. However, at this point in time there is no intention to host such events.

That’s more or less it……actually not quite!  An NHS Track and Trace system will soon (October) be incorporated in to our measures and that should make your life easier!  It utilises a unique Village Hall QR code that once scanned will automatically register the individual using the Hall on a national data base.  No more pens and paper!

Bookings for September and for the remainder of the year will be taken now subject to the above guidelines or those ruling at the time.  Future use of the Hall will be dependent on Hirers following a rigorous hygiene protocol and completing a questionnaire that will be provided at the time of booking.

Booking enquiries can be made to

Thank you for your patience and understanding.